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Made by Hand

I have always loved handmade things. When I was young, I was always creating. I had a sketchbook full of outfit creations. I used fleece to create new accessories, blankets, or outfits for my American Girl doll. I used construction paper or card stock to create cards and collages. In the summer, my sister and I would carry around this cardboard box FULL of bracelet making supplies. We would have friendship bracelets halfway up our arm (and around our ankles) all summer long.

As I got older and got more involved in 4H, I took a variety of creative projects to the fair: photography, sewing, all other crafts, gift wrapping, etc. If it was crafty, I probably tried it.

But the one thing that stuck more than the rest was sewing. I took a sewing project for all of the ten years I was involved in 4H. I started with a drawstring backpack, and by my final year in 4H, I made a wool peacoat. Every year when summer rolled around, my mom and I would head to the fabric store to pick out a pattern and fabric for that year’s project. I would then spend a few days at my great aunt’s house putting together my project.

Over the course of those ten years, I learned a lot about the basics of sewing, which ultimately equipped me to start this business!

As you can see, my love of all things handmade runs deep. I love creating my own handmade things, whether it’s to keep for myself or to give as a gift. I love knowing the love and work that went into things. The story that is woven into handmade items is so special and sentimental to me. I also love carrying on the tradition of creating that has been long-standing in my family.

My mom, grandma, and great-grandma have all been wonderful quilters. The quilts and handmade items that I have from these women are some of my most prized possessions. As a creative, I love getting to continue the craft and heritage of sewing and quilting.

Han Made Goods was born out of this love for all things handmade. There is nothing more special to me than handmade items that tell a story. By purchasing and supporting my small business, you get to take part in this line of craft and stories!


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