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Hey there! I’m Hannah!
Founder + Creative behind Han Made Goods, Owner of Han Fuzed Permanent Jewelry, Small Town Girl, and Lover of Diet Coke and gummy worms

I have always loved all things handmade. From a young age, I was always creating. I had a sketchbook full of drawings and creations that I carried with me. My American Girl Doll was always decked out with new accessories. In the summers, my sister and I would have friendship bracelets halfway up our arms. Creating is a part of who I am. 


When I entered third grade, I joined a 4-H club and signed up to take a sewing project to the fair. I remember creating a little drawstring backpack as my first project. I was so proud of that little backpack, even though it was a little bit crooked and didn’t really work too well. 


Over the years, I created various pieces of clothing for my 4-H projects. By my tenth and final year in 4-H, I sewed a wool coat. Throughout those ten years, I learned a lot about the basics of sewing, which ultimately led me here: using those skills to make handmade goods for you and your loved ones!

My love of handmade items runs deep. My mom, grandma, and great-grandma have all been wonderful quilters. The quilts and handmade items that I have from them are some of my most prized possessions. As a creative, I love that I get to continue this craft and carry on the tradition of creating!

Han Made Goods was born in 2019 out of this love for creating. I was a brand new teacher, looking for a creative outlet and a way to create community. After some encouragement from my friends and family, I started making handmade headbands and scrunchies at my kitchen table in my little one bedroom apartment. I remember posting my first launch on Instagram and coming back from a field trip to lots of comments wanting to order my products! 


Over the years, Han Made Goods has morphed and changed so much, but one thing has stayed the same and that is my heart behind the brand. From the beginning, I wanted to use this space to help women create community and feel a sense of belonging. Through social media posts, virtual community challenges, and email newsletter ideas, I hope to continue helping women find and create their own sense of community, no matter where they are! 

And this wouldn’t be a true about me page if I didn’t mention the most important person: my husband! From the beginning of Han Made Goods, Adam has been my biggest supporter. He encouraged me to start the business, served as my photographer in the early days, has done every piece of bookkeeping, taxes, and finances, and believed in me when I said I wanted to quit teaching to pursue this business full time. Han Made Goods might look like a one woman show, but when I say “we” in posts, emails, and other copy, he is the other half of that “we.” This business wouldn’t be here today without him!


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a diet coke over coffee every day! 

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the beach! 

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open a store!

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