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Growing and Slowing

2023 was the year of growing. I added two new machines to my business and shifted my business majorly towards embroidery and custom items. I expanded rapidly, added a member to my team, and consistently hit my goals month after month. It was a year full of pushing towards the next thing and growing more than I ever imagined. 

This year was truly incredible! Most of the milestones and growth that happened in my business were beyond my wildest dreams. If you would’ve told me a year ago that this is what my business would look like now, I’m not sure I would’ve believed you.

But as we move into 2024, I know that it will be the year of slowing. Slowing down, prioritizing my family and our little one coming in March, soaking up life as a family of three, and learning new routines as a business owner and mom. I know that in order to prioritize these things, my business will have to slow down a bit. 

And I won’t lie, I’m nervous to slow down. I’m the kind of person that loves to chase that next goal, dream big and go after those dreams, and constantly be in motion. When I started this business, it was simply a creative outlet as a new teacher. I needed something to do in the evenings, and this was it! As it continued to grow, it became a serious passion. And as it continued to grow and grow, I could see the potential for this business to provide for my family and allow me the flexibility to work from home and take care of my kids in the future. 

So even though I am nervous and a bit scared to pump the brakes on business, it’s a huge reason for why I love having this business. It will allow me to soak in those moments with Baby Faurot that I would’ve otherwise missed. It will allow me to be home, learning how to slow down and enjoy the season of life I’m in. It will allow me to truly appreciate the blessings I’ve been given!

I’m excited to see where this year takes Han Made Goods. 2023 was an incredible year of growing, and I am SO thankful for your constant support that helped me get here! And while 2024 will be a year of slowing, I am still so excited about where Han Made Goods will go! I have lots of ideas and paths that I want to pursue, even as I learn to slow down and learn new routines. 

Thanks for being here as a part of my journey. I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me and my business through the shifts and changes that have happened and the ones that are up ahead! This business wouldn't be here without your support!


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