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New Year Goals

In my last blog post, I talked all about how I envisioned 2024 being the year of slowing down. With Baby Faurot coming in March, I know that the time I have to dedicate to Han Made Goods will decrease as I focus on the newest member of our family. 

But I still have goals for the year and wanted to share a few of those 2024 goals with you as we finish up the first month of the year! 

My biggest goal for this year is the establish new routines after baby is here. I have already had to shift some of my routines and the ways I balance work with moving my office into the same room as my husband’s office. I know this year will change the way I work, and my goal is to adapt to this instead of resist it. 

My next goal for this year is to move more towards bulk embroidery orders. I would love to start working with more businesses, organizations, and schools this year! My goal is to have 1-2 bulk orders per month for an average of 12-15 for the year! 

For Han Fuzed, my goal is to schedule 2-3 events per month, whether that’s private parties or public events. I know my capacity for doing these events will be a little less than last year, but I’m still hoping to be able to do some events throughout the year. 

And finally, I have a goal to take March and April mostly off after baby’s arrival! I haven’t really taken more than a week or two off at a time since starting this business, so I know it will be challenging, but it is important to me to have some intentional time spent with my family!

I can’t wait for this year ahead and all the big goals I have! There’s a few more that I’m keeping quiet on for now, but can’t wait to share them with you as they come true this year! 

Thanks so much for your help in supporting me as I work towards these goals! 

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