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Change Ahead

For the past year or so, I have felt a shift coming for Han Made Goods. I started this business with hair accessories, and the sales for those items have slowed way down. Even though I felt the shift coming and knew it was needed, I could feel myself resisting the change. Change is always difficult for me, and I knew changing up this business would require a major shift from me.

In December of 2022, I started to think about adding embroidery to my business. I didn’t want my entire business to turn into embroidery, but I wanted to offer it as an add-on service to my existing products. My mom and I went to look at machines, and I purchased a starter machine on the spot.

I started using it, and absolutely fell in love with embroidery! I started doing t-shirts, sweatshirts, embroidered pouches, and lots more. I could tell that this was the direction my business was supposed to go.

But over the next several months, I had problem after problem with that embroidery machine. I felt like I took it into the shop every other week to get looked at. The machine would jam up, it would short circuit, it would get caught in a recalibrate loop. I was frustrated. I had orders lined up that I started running behind on because my machine wasn’t working.

About two months ago, I started looking into more industrial machines. I went to a different shop and talked to the owners about purchasing a multi-needle professional machine. We left the store, did some other shopping, and then decided to go back and order it.

The rest is history! My new machine allows me to work twice as fast, expand into wholesale orders, and hasn’t caused me even one problem!

The past few months have taught me SO many lessons. I have learned to be patient with my machinery and myself. I have learned to adapt quickly to my changing circumstances. I have learned to lean into the shifts and changes of running a small business, and most importantly I have learned to trust in the Lord. He has shown His faithfulness in this business over and over again. Even when the path seems rocky or unsure, the Lord has provided a way for me and continues to do so.

This summer has been full of shifts and changes for Han Made Goods. I cannot wait to continue to show you all of the new things that are happening behind the scenes!


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