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Starting Over

Welcome to my new adventure!

There is nothing scarier than starting over. Eight years ago, I was in the midst of the busy season of college, and was needing a way to express myself. I had been journaling consistently for a while, and decided I wanted a way to share my thoughts and reflections with the world. So I started a blog.

girl holding a disco ball and flowers

I created a free Wordpress website and hit publish on my first introduction post. It wasn’t much and I didn’t have many readers, but it was my own little corner of the Internet. I loved having a space to share my thoughts. For four years, I shared my thoughts and Biblical reflections on that little blog. I was even contacted by Concordia Publishing House to write as a monthly guest on their blog, and did so for a few years!

And then one day, I just stopped. It wasn’t intentional, but when I started Han Made Goods in 2019, I found myself sharing my thoughts on that Instagram page, rather than my personal blog. As life got busier and busier, I wrote less and less.

Fast forward four years, and here we are: starting over on a brand new blog. For some reason, this feels scarier than it did eight years ago. I now have a loyal following of Instagram, Facebook, and email followers. I know more people will be reading this than ever read my personal blog. My writing muscles are weak, and I know it will take some practice to get back into a groove.

But my business mentor, Ashleigh, once told me, “The things we resist most are the things that will have the biggest effect.” So I’m starting this new blog, even though I’m a little bit scared and nervous.

You can expect a wide variety of things from this page! I plan to share my thoughts on creating and belonging, hairstyle and outfit ideas, my business story and family heritage, and lots of other things in between. I hope you’ll stick around and join the fun! I can’t wait to share more of myself, my thoughts, and my life here in these lines.


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