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Living in the same small town I grew up in definitely brings the nostalgia, especially around key events like the county fair. Growing up, the county fair was the highlight of our summer. My siblings and I spent all summer long working on our 4H projects. Finally, when the last week of July rolled around, we would turn our projects in for judging and spend the week basically living at the fairgrounds.

Each day held different activities. Sunday was always SO exciting because the buildings would open! We would typically get there right when they opened so we could see how we had done on our 4H projects. Blue ribbons were exciting, but if you had a purple champion, reserve champion, or grand champion ribbon it was the BEST!

When Tuesday rolled around, that was truly the most action packed day. Tuesday morning started with the 4H sewing fashion show. I would go pick up the outfit I had sewn from the 4H building and then head to the grandstand. All of the girls that had made outfits were crammed into the little trailer attached to the stage and runway. We would get changed into our outfits and then wait for our turn to show off our outfit. At the end of the show, they would announce the winners in each division. This was the day it really felt like all my hard work sewing an outfit paid off.

The Jackson County Fair will always hold so many memories and nostalgia for me. Because of the county fair and my involvement with 4H, I learned to sew. I also took other projects over my ten years of involvement including photography, gift wrapping, and all other crafts. These projects truly did give me the skills that I use to run my business today!

As an adult, walking around the fair still holds so many of these memories. I remember the days of running around with friends, enjoying all the delicious fair food, and soaking up the last days of summer. I am SO thankful for all of these memories, and the skills I learned because of 4H!


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