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Letting Go

When I started this business four and a half years ago (!!!), I never in my wildest dreams imagined it would one day become my full time job. I thought I would always be teaching, running this business as a fun side hustle and creative outlet. But here we are!

The past year doing this full time has challenged me and helped me personally grow in ways I never thought I would. I’ve invested in this business more this year than the other four years combined. My business has grown more this year than I ever thought possible, and with the news of Baby Faurot joining the family next year, I was starting to feel the growing pains.

For the past several months, I’ve known that hiring someone to help run Han Made Goods was probably the next step, but I’ve been a bit resistant. Han Made Goods is my first baby, and because the brand is so tied to me and my story and heritage, I’ve been very hesitant about bringing someone else in and giving up even a small part of control.

In early September, I attended a business retreat in Asheville, NC. One of the big things that kept coming up was the idea of hiring someone part time to help out. I was starting to be more open to the idea, but truly had no idea where to even start looking.

Enter Bridget (in the most God moment ever). Just a few days after I got home from that retreat, I had an Instagram message from a girl who has followed Han Made Goods from the very early days. Her message was reaching out to see if I had ever thought about hiring a virtual assistant. She was looking to get into this work on the side while she is teaching, and thought that she might be a good fit for my business. I truly have never felt so much peace about a decision. We chatted a little bit about what I would need help with, and she was excited and passionate about the work I’m doing!

So meet Bridget, the newest member of the Han Made Goods team! She started working with me at the beginning of October and has been helping me design social media posts for both Han Made Goods and Han Fuzed, as well as helping with emails, and backend work doing some scheduling for Han Fuzed. It’s only been a month, and I am already so thankful for Bridget! I know this will make the transition from being business owner to business owner AND stay at home mom so much easier.

Realizing I have built something that has outgrown just me has been so special this month. Getting to use this business to help support another family has also been so sweet! Just feeling so thankful for the growth of this business and the opportunities that I have had because of YOUR support!


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