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A New Era

This past December, I purchased my first embroidery machine. When I bought that machine, I still wasn’t 100% sure what I would use it for. I knew I wanted to add some customization options to stockings, pouches, etc, but beyond that I wasn’t quite sure. I was adamant that I did not want this business to become solely an embroidery business.

Within the first few months of owning that machine, I tested out some custom apparel options and my customers (you all!) went WILD for it, which was awesome! But what wasn’t awesome was all of the issues I started having with that machine. In the first three months of owning that machine, I felt like it spent more time in the shop than in my workshop. My orders were piling up, so I took a HUGE leap of faith and purchased an industrial embroidery machine.

I have never made such a big investment in my business, so it was definitely scary spending that kind of money. In the meantime while my first machine was being fixed for good and while I was waiting for the new machine to come in, I took another leap and invested in professional rebranding for Han Made Goods. I could feel the shift coming to this brand, and it felt like it was finally time to get some outside design help.

From the start of this business, all of the colors, fonts, logos, and graphics have been created solely by me. It was such a fun process working with graphic designer Hannah Hansen to create a new version of Han Made Goods that fit my new vision for this business.

I am SO excited to reveal the new branding for Han Made Goods, as well as the new website! These new colors are bright, vibrant, and fun, and most importantly the fit the feel of Han Made Goods. The new logo and graphics are whimsical and playful. As Han Made Goods continues to shift and grow, this new branding feels like it will shift with the business.

When this year began, I had absolutely no idea where it would take me! But here we are, more than halfway through the year with two new machines and an entirely redone brand!

Ready to checkout the new brand? Good news! If you’re reading this on my blog, you’re already here! Just click the home button to see the BRAND NEW website! Thanks for your support as Han Made Goods continues to grow and change! This business wouldn’t be here without your constant love and support.

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